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Where did the spoil islands come from?

The Indian River Lagoon is 156 miles long and runs from Volusia County to Palm Beach County. From the 1950s to the 1960s the river was dredged to make a 12ft deep channel. This being done made 137 spoil islands throughout the Lagoon, Brevard county having 41 of those islands. On these islands you can…
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July 12, 2017 0
Palm Bay Kayaks - Keep Brevard Beautiful

Palm Bay Kayaks dontates kayaks to Keep Brevard Beautiful

Over the last weekend Palm Bay Kayaks donated almost all our kayaks to Keep Brevard Beautiful for one of their summer series clean ups. Keep Brevard Beautiful teams up with different companies and groups around the Space Coast that volunteer their time to clean up our water ways including the Indian River Lagoon, Turkey Creek,…
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June 22, 2017 0
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Wildlife, Wildlife, Wildlife!!!!

The Space Coast (Brevard County) has one of the best habitats for a wide range of wildlife. This is due to being at the point of where the north and south air masses meet, making the species from the north and the south able to co-exist here! Some of the animals you can encounter on…
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June 10, 2017 0

Exciting News!!

Exciting New for Palm Bay Kayaks!! Palm Bay Kayaks is excited to introduce Rebecca, our new owner! Rebecca acquired Palm Bay Kayaks a few short weeks ago with the vision of being able to get people up close with all of the incredible and amazing wildlife and scenery that our Indian River Lagoon has the…
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April 18, 2017 0